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Winning over cancer / healing way

Workshops & Healing Way Revival

– with Dale Black & Paula Black

Winning Over Cancer / Healing Way Ministries is a focused and powerful ministry for those needing healing and desiring to understand HOW God heals. Through Healing Way Workshops and Healing Way Revival services, our hope is that this your need is effectively and miraculously met.

The Winning Over Cancer / Healing Way Workshop is a 2-day course that teaches you in-depth truths about how God designed your body to heal, how to bring your body, soul and spirit into agreement with God to access His healing provision. Learn how to blend the natural with the miraculous to experience all that you need. This course is taught personally by Dale Black and Paula Black, both of whom have experienced dramatic healing in their own lives (see bios below). They will teach you what they have learned about the body and how it heals, the soul and how to renew it for healing, and how to access God’s miraculous power for healing through your spirit.

This workshop will cause your faith to soar and you to experience a new level of intimacy with God as you learn both practical and supernatural truths that minister healing to your whole person–body, soul and spirit.

Attend In-Person or online through Live Streaming

WHERE (In-Person): Temecula, California
COST: $499 *Register at least 30 days in advance for a 20% discount. (Cost does not include lodging or meals).
WHEN: 2019 Schedule is below:
August 23-24
Sept 20-21
Oct 18-19
Nov 15-16
Dec 13-14

Description: The 2-day workshop includes in-depth and practical teaching on the way God Heals. You will receive the full curriculum in an interactive Workbook. You will hear inspirational testimonies from Dale Black and Paula Black as they share their personal experiences with healing and teach you effective truths about the way they accessed the healing they needed. This information is in complete agreement with God’s Word… and it works. On the last evening of the workshop there will be what we are calling a Healing Revival, where you will have an opportunity to have Dale Black personally anoint you with oil and pray for your healing.

If you cannot attend in-person, you can attend online through Live Streaming. The Live Streaming Workshop will remain available during the two days of the workshop and for 24 hours following, to allow those in different time zones to access the workshop at their convenience.
You will receive the same workbook via download, to follow along, and will be able to participate online during the workshop by commenting and asking questions. You will also be personally prayed for via Live Streaming, if you desire.

Where the miraculous meets the practical!

* Each Workshop is unique, with 30%-50% different material than the previous workshop.

Register Early to Receive a 25% discount!


Here are a few things you will learn:
* The way God truly heals
* How faith works and how to activate it in your life
* How to get into agreement with God to receive your healing
* How to heal your whole person: spirit, soul and body
* How to overcome fear with faith
* How God designed your body to heal and how to get into agreement with His design
* Practical actions that bring practical results in health
* Why the medical system doesn’t bring healing
* How to stop treating symptoms and solve the root problem
* How to close the door to the enemy when it comes to your health
* How to walk in freedom from sickness and disease
* What part Satan plays in sickness and disease and how to overcome him
* Why more aren’t healed, if healing is God’s will
* And much more!
* You will be personally ministered to for healing through prayer and anointing with oil

Healing Your whole person–Body, Soul & Spirit

Attendees will receive – 10% discount on any of the following products during the workshop:
– “How God Heals” by Dale Black (audio book, 3 CD set)
– “Life, Cancer and God” by Paula and Dale Black (book)
– “Flight To Heaven” by Capt. Dale Black (best-selling book)

Discover COMPLETE Healing
by blending the Natural Laws of Health
with God’s Spiritual Laws of Healing

About the Teachers:
Dale Black – Minister / Teacher / Author / Speaker
Paula Black – Minister / Teacher / Author / Speaker

Capt. Dale Black
Director of: Healing Way Ministries
Author of:
“Healing Way: God’s Answer To Healing”
“How God Heals” (Audio Book)

“Flight To Heaven”
“Life, Cancer and God”
“Visiting Heaven”

Dale Black is author of the book “Healing Way: God’s Answer To Healing” (not yet published), “How God Heals” Audio Book, author of best-selling book “Flight To Heaven” and co-author with Paula Black of “Life, Cancer and God.”

As the only survivor of perhaps aviation’s most ironic crash, Dale sustained massive life-threatening injuries. Told he would never walk again, use his arm or see from his eye… his childhood dreams of becoming an airline pilot were crushed.
However, following the airplane crash Dale experienced a journey to Heaven that changed him forever. From a wheelchair, Dale began studying his Bible with an open heart. After months of learning about God and His ways, the miraculous slowly revealed itself. To the shock of Dale’s doctors and family, Dale regained the use of his entire body, and his missing memory. After reaching his dream of being hired by a major airline, Capt. Dale would surrender his professional airline position to teach others about Jesus Christ and the benefits of believing God and His word. Dale has a deep grasp of how God heals like few others and through his gift of teaching and ministry, he imparts this understanding and result to others.

“FORGET EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT HEALING! Dale and Paula’s biblical perspective and their unique Body, Soul & Spirit approach is the “missing link” for anyone dealing with chronic disease—i.e. heart disease, cancer, diabetes, leukemia. Every person, sick or well should attend this workshop at least once!” – Dr. Robert W. Christensen, Maxillofacial Surgeon

Paula Black
Director: “Winning Over Cancer Ministries”
Health Coach

Author of “Life, Cancer and God”

In the prime of life—wife, mother, businesswoman—Paula, heard the dreaded words: It’s cancer! Doctors gave her 3 to 6 months to live. She and her husband immediately turned to God. They discovered the body, soul and spirit approach to God’s healing—treating the root cause of disease, not just symptoms. Against her doctor’s advice, Paula followed her God given plan until her advanced-stage cancer was gone—without chemo, without radiation, without additional surgery or drugs. Now Paula teaches others how to find healing by combining spiritual truths with the natural laws of health.

“Statistics from the American Cancer Society state that one in two men; one in three women will get cancer in their lifetime. Attending the Healing Way Workshop could save your life!”
– Rhonda McCue, RN & Hospice Nurse

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