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Paula Black's book, "Life, Cancer and God," and Paula's Cancer Coaching.

If you are a Christian and fighting cancer or some other disease, that is reason enough for you to subscribe to Paula’s cancer coaching program. I started with the Initial Consult to see what it was about and quickly realized that I needed more. Through coaching, Paula opened my eyes to why I had cancer and how I could get well again. I regained control of my situation as she taught me how to fight the fear and build my faith while following a God-given healthy regime to rebuild my immune system. There were so many little things along the way that Paula had suggestions and answers for that made the process easier. Not only did the plan work by me getting my health back better than before but my spiritual life developed to new heights throughout the process. I am so grateful God lead me to the answers I needed through this cancer coaching program.    Margi S.


After a diagnoses of cancer, and refusing traditional treatment, I wasn’t sure what to do next. My answer came when I saw Paula being interviewed on TV and immediately went to her website and ordered her book "Life, Cancer and God". Within a few days I signed up for her Cancer Coaching Program.
Paula’s coaching brought hope as I learned what cancer is and how to reverse it. As I followed a new plan of action I experienced great improvement in many areas of life--both physically and spiritually.
The principles Paula incorporates are both positive and life-changing. I recommend this coaching program to anyone suffering with cancer or any other disease. Jason M.

I appreciated the raw honesty shared in this book. The research included is phenomenal. The authors’ personal journey is shared in a very straight forward way. I have been involved in the medical field for 40 years. I have witnessed firsthand, patients undergoing treatment for their cancer. I have also administered the treatment myself. About 5 years ago I made the decision to not undergo traditional cancer treatment if I ever have to face that devastating diagnosis. I have seen how the treatment ravages the human body and soul. Yes, there are those patients that survive. But more often, the outcome is not a healthy one! I totally concur with the concept of treating the body, soul and spirit. We, as human beings are complex and intertwined in our three parts with each part playing a major role in our total well-being. I would recommend this book to anyone searching for alternative therapy to treat cancer.
— Karen Wilson

I am happy to finally write and thank you since I completed the Overcomers Coaching recently with respect mostly to my Crohn/Colitis symptoms. I really want to thank you Paula for all your advice and encouragement throughout the 10-week process of getting my health back to where the Lord would be pleased and I can say I feel healthier than I have in decades. 
 I have been able to share my experience with many, including those who have loved ones currently suffering from cancer. The response keeps reminding me what a great work you and Dale are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.     Kim H.

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A very interesting true story, but written like a novel – easy to read, compelling, entertaining, and full of helpful information. There’s nothing else like it out there. You owe it to yourself to read this book whether you have cancer or some other chronic disease, or if you just want to prevent ever getting it in the first place. Paula is very passionate about her story and I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend this book to everyone. I believe it will save lives.
-Robert Langdale

I was not diagnosed with a disease but I just didn’t feel good and felt like I was on the road toward something happening if I didn’t make some changes. At 62 I was overweight, my body was in pain and I was physically weak and tired and cranky. I signed up for Paula’s coaching program and started doing the things Paula told me to do to strengthen my immune system. The change in me was noticeable in the first two days (no pain and more energy). As I continue through the 30 days everything in me is getting better: losing weight, muscle strength increasing, stamina increasing, no sinus/mucous issues, attitude improvement, and the list goes on. Paula helped me find my "way out" of poor health and I’m never going back. I’ve learned and benefited so much for just one month of coaching. I highly recommend Paula’s coaching program to anyone needing to improve their health and who wants to safeguard against disease. You won't be disappointed.
Marsha T.

This book took me by complete surprise. It is a MUST READ because it’s enjoyable to read AND it’s full of truth and new information that’s guaranteed to save lives. It reads like a novel. I felt like I was right there going through the story myself.
The author was diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer and given 3 to 6 months to live. She shares her roller coaster ride of emotions while facing terminal cancer. Her husband, an airline pilot instructor, became a researcher and as you will see, helped to uncover the mysteries of this terrible disease which helped the author to defeat cancer without chemotherapy, without radiation and without drugs.
While reading I felt her pain, her frustrations, and learned so many amazing things. I laughed, cried and can honestly say, I enjoyed the book from cover to cover. The story is full of so many emotions, like suspense, disappointment, fear and joy.
I was inspired by many of the deep spiritual truths that were revealed in life-changing ways. If you or a loved one, are going through any kind of cancer – this is the book for you. I’d never heard most of this information before, but it was backed up with references, quotes and footnotes and I became a believer pretty fast. I’ve had cancer in my family and now the fear I had before I read this book is gone.
This is a book that should be in everyone’s home. If I’m ever diagnosed with cancer or some other disease, now I’ll do things completely different than I would have before I read it.
— Lorraine Rogers