Why Aren't I healed yet? [video] - by Paula Black

The principles of Healing are fairly simple … and at the same time, difficult. It’s simple, because anyone can do it. It’s difficult because most don’t understand what it is they need to do.

As you have heard me say many times… healing must include all three parts of you—body, soul and spirit. You are a three part person and all three parts must be in agreement for true healing. Unfortunately, good teaching about healing is not available in many places. That’s why my husband, Dale, and I have joined forces to create a Healing Workshop that addresses these unlearned principles that help us receive what has already been made available… Permanent and complete HEALING.

Whether you are dealing with cancer or any other chronic disease, there are things you need to understand in order to experience real and permanent healing. To learn more about the Healing Way and Winning Over Cancer Workshops, click the following link: http://winningovercancer.org/woc-w

I hope today’s video helps propel you along your journey to successful healing.

God bless,
Paula Black