Christian Cancer Coaching Ministry

CHRISTIAN BASED AND CLIENT DRIVEN: One-on-one individualized Cancer Coaching is a fundamental part of Winning Over Cancer at Dale Black Ministries, the ministry covering for We consider it a sacred duty to provide you with quality telephone counseling about your cancer concerns (and other diseases).

Our goal is to provide cancer clients with the tools to make informed quality decisions and to understand, evaluate, and access additional cancer treatment options they may desire to pursue.

We are a Christian education and resource center, not a treatment center. Our unique coaching service provides personal telephone-based guidance to clients and caregivers through our Body – Soul – Spirit Approach, which blends the natural laws of health with biblical truths. We offer support on prayer, lifestyle, nutrition, detoxification, spiritual, psychological, emotional and immune status with the goal of reversing disease and increasing the odds for long-term healthy survival. No one on our staff is medically certified, and we do not offer medical advice.

We believe in God and in His word. We believe in the healing power of God… and we also believe that God has created us in His image and that our body works according to an intelligent design. Our body also functions in connection with our mind, will and emotions, as well as our spirit. We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body—and believe all three parts must be in health to permanently overcome disease.


The input we provide is Christian-based, however it is also in harmony with science and is always client driven. Our coaching sessions are personal and individualized. We focus on practical ways clients can make rapid, positive changes in their lives, as well as paying particular attention to the client’s beliefs, their physical, emotional, financial, geographic and logistical limitations.

The client’s individual motivation and participation are keys to success. We understand that making potentially life-changing decisions can be overwhelming, therefore we specialize in helping clients negotiate the challenges they face in the shadow of a serious disease like cancer. We assist them in choosing a streamlined approach that creates a simple “game-plan”, an easy-to-follow guide for recovery and prevention of recurrence.

Integrative lifestyle counseling helps clients design an effective personalized approach to address multiple facets of their lives at the same time. Its purpose is to complement and enhance any medical choices a client may make. This approach can assist in the prevention and control of illness through help with diet, stress management, exercise, detoxification and other factors.

To sign up for a Cancer Coaching Program, select one of the Packages below and follow the instructions at bottom of this page.  To schedule your Initial Consultation, you will be emailed a Coaching Questionnaire to complete and return. Then you will receive a follow-up phone call (if in the U.S. or Canada) or an email (if outside the U.S.), to schedule your Initial Consultation. Remember, if you sign up for the Victory Package or the Overcomer Package, you will also receive the Initial Consultation session FREE.

Plant Seed In Good Soil

We ask for your help by making a donation into this ministry. We hope and pray, that with your help, no one will be turned away because of inability to pay. We are a 501c3 non-profit ministry established since 1981.

We provide expert one-on-one, individualized, spiritual, Bible-based, nutritional, immunological, and psychological guidance to clients facing cancer or other disease. This service is provided on a donation basis. We accept no insurance reimbursement and receive no government funding. All contributions are tax-deductible and help provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay for help. Often our clients, their family members or friends, do make a contribution, but some are without financial means. It is our desire to minister Cancer Coaching whether a client is able to donate or not.

If find our Coaching Program to be helpful, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift to support this ministry. We are a donation-based Christian organization. We rely on the generosity of our clients and the Partners of DBM to provide the needed funding to continue this vital ministry. Your gift of any amount is very much appreciated and can be submitted on our Donate Page. With your help we can assist those in need to reverse cancer and disease to regain purpose and passion in living.

FOUR LEVELS of CANCER COACHING If you choose to participate in a Cancer Coaching Program, simply select the level of Coaching below that interests you. After we receive your Coaching Program selection you will receive an email with a Coaching Questionnaire. Please complete the Questionnaire, include any questions or issues you would like to discuss and return the Questionnaire to us. You will then receive a call to schedule your Initial Consult.

There are THREE LEVELS of CANCER COACHING available Initial, Victory, and Overcomer. Choose the one that best fits your need:

Initial Consult
One Personal Coaching Session: $149

Victory Package:
FOUR Personal Coaching Sessions
plus Initial Consult
plus Advantage Package: $795

Overcomer Package:
TEN Personal Coaching Sessions
plus Initial Consult
plus Advantage Package: $1495

Description of Initial Consult:  ONE initial telephone consultation (45 minutes). This call will review your situation, address any questions you have and explain how the Body-Soul-Spirit Approach relates to your personal situation. Your coach will also offer a brief overview of the steps to reversing disease and recovering your health.

This Initial Consult is included with the Victory Package and Overcomer Package at NO additional charge. (Only one Initial Consult included per package).

Description of Victory Package:  This package includes FOUR personal telephone consultations (45 minutes each). With the Victory Package you also receive the Initial Consult FREE. (If you have previously paid for the Initial Consult, that amount will be credited to this package price.)

Description of Overcomer Package:  This package includes TEN personal telephone consultations (45 minutes each). With the Overcomer Package you also receive the Initial Consult FREE. (If you have previously paid for the Initial Consult, that amount will be credited to this package price.)

About Your Coach

Paula Black is a counselor, coauthor of Life, Cancer and God, cancer survivor, speaker, and ordained minister. After being given only 3-6 months to live, Paula successfully reversed cancer using the Body–Soul–Spirit Approach which is followed in the Cancer Coaching Programs

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1) Click on the link below which will take you to the DONATE page of Dale Black Ministries.

2) Donate the amount of the package you are selecting (or more if you'd like to help others).

3) Tell us which package you are signing up for by placing a message in the “Prayer Request/Comment” box when you make your donation.

Once you have signed up and we have received your donation, a Coaching Questionnaire will be promptly emailed to you along with scheduling options. Get started now by clicking the link below.

Cancellation or Missed Call Policy: We value your time and know how important coaching is to those who have committed to it. Likewise, Paula’s coaching schedule is busy and limited. Therefore, when a scheduled appointment is missed or canceled at the last moment, it does not allow anyone else to be scheduled for that time slot and it effects Paula’s schedule and planning. If you find that you need to cancel or reschedule a coaching appointment, please give a minimum of 24-hour notice and request your appointment to be rescheduled. If your cancellation is less than 24-hour notice there will be a $50 fee applied. If your scheduled call is missed without rescheduling, the call is forfeited. To notify us of a need to reschedule, please email Paula at: Thank you.

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If you'd rather sign up by phone call 951-526-2101. For any questions, or for more information please email: Paula@PaulaBlack.Org