Honest, straight forward and informational

By Karen J. Wilson

I appreciated the raw honesty shared in this book. The research included is phenomenal. The authors' personal journey is shared in a very straight forward way. I have been involved in the medical field for 40 years. I have witnessed firsthand, patients undergoing treatment for their cancer. I have also administered the treatment myself. About 5 years ago I made the decision to not undergo traditional cancer treatment if I ever have to face that devastating diagnosis. I have seen how the treatment ravages the human body and soul. Yes, there are those patients that survive. But more often, the outcome is not a healthy one! I totally concur with the concept of treating the body, soul and spirit. We, as human beings are complex and intertwined in our three parts with each part playing a major role in our total well-being. I would recommend this book to anyone searching for alternative therapy to treat cancer.



By Dona Moody

I would not have bought this book normally because I didn't have cancer so it was not at the top of my list but God saw to it that it come across my path and I literally could hardly put it down. I am a letter carrier and it was difficult trying to deliver mail and read this book at the same time. The info that this book reveals totally confounded me. I am so thankful for you Paula and your testimony and absolutely I would encourage everyone to buy this book. It is one of the best reads I have read. You can truly feel the pain, the desperation the hopelessness at times and the fear just came through as it would have for anyone. I cannot quit telling everyone I come in contact with. God bless you Paula & family


Extremely informative and inspirational

By Joe Lanier  

As a cancer veteran (3 rounds) I well wish I had had this information back when, but I'll still greatly benefit from it going forward.
This is definitely life-saving and God-ordained material everyone needs to be acquainted with. I also recommend her husband's book,
"Flight to Heaven". A great faith booster in itself that made me aware of this book by Mrs. Black. May the Good Lord continue
to Bless Them Both (and their readers) BIG!


Best book ever written on healing with God’s divine plan 

By P. Harman 

Absolutely one of the best books I have ever read. Very informative. I'm not sick but my husband & friend are battling cancer. We have started juicing & are discovering our oneness with God. Purchased 4 more to give to family and friends. Thank you.


Factual clear easy reading… it all makes sense

By Jackie R. Moreno

This book was fascinating, informative, and facts are facts. I have gone through all the traditional poison and have hated the effects and was convinced in myself that this just could not be right. This book is a heaven send... and I believe the answer is here. I'm in the process of undergoing a stem cell transplant, which is a radiation/chemotherapy nightmare. I am now questioning if this is really what I want to do. Of course they tell me I have no choice.


Whether you have cancer or ANY other sickness or Disease, GET THIS BOOK!

By UK Author, Michele Neal  

What you will discover in this real life story of the author's own encounter of the diagnosis of terminal cancer will blow your mind and will shock you at the same time! It will cause you to feel betrayed by the established medical 'system' - whether that is in the U.S, the UK or anywhere else on the planet.
      You will discover medical protocol which is entrenched in merely treating the 'symptoms' of cancer rather than targeting and treating the root cause. Yes, you will actually discover what the root cause of cancer is, and you will wonder how on earth we have managed to allow ourselves to be 'hoodwinked' for so long!! The root is so obvious, and the solution to reverse cancer and completely heal the body is in our OWN hands! The author has gone 'through the mill' in order to reveal God's 'way of escape' from the 'death sentence' that is irresponsibly hurled at us when we are diagnosed with cancer.
      This book challenges the validity and the integrity of the 'treatments' handed to us by the established conventional medical system - not only for cancer but for ANY sickness or disease. God is the One who created our bodies, and He has designed within us a system whereby our bodies are able to heal themselves of anything, no matter how big or small. Our part is to find out what that is and then treat our bodies in the way that He has designed it to function properly and efficiently. This book tells you just that!
      What is revealed in this book is not some 'Fad'! What the authors share with us is incredible but deeply humbling. They have travelled 'the road', born the scares and have come out the other end in order to 'spill the beans'. What they have uncovered will require those of us who read this book to cover the authors in intercessory prayer for God's protection on their lives. They are courageous warriors in the Lord's Army, who are not afraid to uncover evil where it exists and bring the darkness out into the Light of Christ. Thank you Dale and Paula. God bless and protect you.


Unbelievably Remarkable Story

By Lady Luck
I could not put this ebook down. It had my complete attention from being to end. The facts about cancer and our broken medical system had me stunned. Knowing the statistics on the poor effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments sickened me. Paula's body, soul, spirit approach was remarkable. When it comes to healing sickness and disease, one needs a strong faith-based relationship with God, and the desire to heal oneself. This ebook has enlightened me and inspired me that God wants the best for us. It took a lot of courage on Paula's and Dale's part to write this ebook, and tell the truth about cancer. I highly recommend this ebook to people suffering from this terrible disease. I will never look at conventional cancer treatments the same. It is God that has the last and final word on all matters.


Loved this inspirational true story!

By Rosie Schoepf 
I love reading true stories that are inspirational and faith-builders...and this book was certainly that and as I discovered...so much more! The author writes that cancer touches everyone's life in one way or another. I didn't purchase this book in hopes of discovering how to beat cancer, but merely to read how one handles LIFE and GOD, in the midst of such a heavy trial.
In addition to an unbelievable autobiography, I was greatly impacted by the easy to read facts about living healthy and preventing and beating cancer. The author and her husband spent countless hours in research, and I was the beneficiary of all that research.
The word Cancer is usually a "downer", but this book was uplifting and I particularly enjoyed how this husband and wife tackled every hardship as a team and with the gifts of love and humor!
A "must read"!


Wonderful Book

By Ediane
I learned so much by reading this book. Everyone needs to be aware of the true facts about cancer. I have always thought chemotherapy could not be the answer, and this book totally reinforced what I had always believed. A very inspirational story.


Eye-Opener! I think everyone should read this book!

By Dana McCue 
Wow! This book was very different than what I first thought and so amazing. First, it was compelling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I went through the emotional rollercoaster with Paula as she learned she had cancer with only a few months to live. Then I accompanied her and her husband as they researched everything they could about cancer, uncovering shocking and surprising information I had never heard before. For the first time I feel like I understand what cancer is, and how it can be reversed. I love what Paula shared about how God was such a part of her journey and I learned a lot about God through her interaction with Him and the Bible. She discovered how to bring her body into sync with God’s design so it could heal itself naturally—without chemo or radiation. Her approach to healing the body, soul and spirit makes a lot of sense and addresses healing the whole person. I recommend this book to anyone; whether you have cancer, another illness, or not. It’s an eye-opener, enjoyable to read, and real educational.


Five star information

By Heather Marsten  

The book encourages seeking a spirit/soul/body approach to healing cancer. I've had relatives die of cancer and deal with radical treatment. Some dear friends are dealing with this now, so I was reading for information. I appreciated all the research that Captain Dale Black and his wife did to show the ineffectiveness of current cancer treatments. Her method of reducing toxins and juicing, increasing the immune system, coupled with spiritual and soul (mind, will, emotions) thinking - worked. I was grateful to find that she has been cancer-free for years.


Every person, sick or well, should read this book!

By Robert Langdale   

A very interesting true story, but written like a novel – easy to read, compelling, entertaining, and full of helpful information. There’s nothing else like it out there. You owe it to yourself to read this book whether you have cancer or some other chronic disease, or if you just want to prevent ever getting it in the first place. Paula is very passionate about her story and I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend this book to everyone. I believe it will save lives.


The many truths in this book set me free

By Lorraine Rogers    

Enjoyable to read, Full of incredible research...The book answered many questions for me about the causes and cure of this horrible disease. I have ordered a whole case of books and handed them out to those who are looking to God and His principles and how He can cure cancer.