6 Ways to Avoid Disease - by Paula Black

Do you feel like a sitting duck waiting to be hit by disease? Every day you get older and the odds are that disease will strike… unless you are proactively safeguarding your health.

It’s exciting to know that you can avoid disease—and even reverse it—by following some key principles of health. Your body was created to heal itself and you were designed by God to live a full HEALTHY life. So why don’t more of us experience this?

Usually, unknowingly, we violate God’s design and set ourselves up for disaster. Heart disease/stroke and cancer alone account for 1,334,500 deaths each year. That’s 3,656 people per day that die of just the top two diseases. And it’s growing.

A lot of people say, “Well, we have to die of something.” In response to that LIE, I say, “NO, no you don’t!” God’s plan is a healthy life. He paid for our sickness and disease on the cross. So how could it be acceptable to believe we have to die of a disease? We just need to understand how our body works.

Staying healthy, or regaining your health, is as much about what you should NOT do as it is about what you should do. Below are 5 basic keys you can start using right now that will greatly improve your health:

1)     Stay hydrated. Your cells need water to remain healthy. Make sure it is pure water, free from fluoride, chloride and other chemicals or toxins. Principle: Drink two-thirds of your body weight in ounces daily. (If you weigh 150 lbs. you would drink 100 ounces of water daily.)

2)     Nutrition is critical for your cells or they become weak and damaged. This is a common cause of cancer (abnormal cells ARE cancer). Drink two servings of natural organic vegetable juice daily and/or eat a raw vegetable salad (NOT iceberg lettuce—it has not nutritional value. Eat spinach, romaine, etc.) Try to eat 3 servings of raw or lightly steamed vegetables every day. In addition, other sources of nutrition are raw fruit, seeds and nuts, as well as a balanced diet or primarily natural raw foods. These are the foods God created for you.

3)     Avoid too much meat and dairy. Animal products cause our bodies to become acidic (pH) which is disease friendly. Whereas vegetables and fruits create an alkaline environment which suppresses disease. Yay!

4)     Avoid toxins as much as possible. I’m talking about toxins in your food. More than 70 excitotoxins (MSG, aspartame, cysteine and aspartic acid to name a few) are in most packaged and processed foods, chips, fast food, etc. These flavor enhancers are the taste that kills. They kill the neurons in our brains, causing brain damage (like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s which is #7 of top deadly diseases). They also cause obesity, seizures, headaches, arthritis and many other ailments. Learn about them and steer clear.

5)     Stress kills plain and simple. It comes from many sources and causes our body to release stress hormones that are toxic to our immune system. Learn to manage your stress. One way is to get enough sleep every night. While you’re sleeping your body is rebuilding from all the damage throughout the day. Remember, unforgiveness and resentment cause stress. There is a reason God said to forgive. He wants you to live a healthy life.

6)     Oxygen in your cells in critical for healthy cells. You are made up of nothing but cells, so it is important that you give them what they need for health. An oxygen deprived cell becomes damaged and sick. A cell deprived oxygen is a time bomb waiting to go off. The solution is 30 minutes of walking or some other exercise daily. This causes us to increase oxygen to our lungs, therefore our blood, which carries oxygen to our cells. Be sure to keep moving throughout the day. As an additional bonus—exercise is a great stress reducer too.

These keys are a great place to start. If you are already deep in the throes of disease, you need to do the above and increase your approach.

Disease is disease—if you cure one, you cure them all.

God bless you,

Paula Black