Why Am I Sick? (Part 3)

Why Am I Sick? (Part 3) – September 12, 2014

God made you with a perfect “corrector” built into your body—your miraculous immune system. He gave you an amazing body—now it’s up to you to manage it correctly.

I’m certainly not saying that He can’t rescue you… supernaturally heal you, if you are standing in faith and doing things according to His Word—I’ve experienced that personally. But more often, I’ve seen God NOT rescue, but encourage growth and understanding His ways—in order to bring a permanent solution.

I believe that if God had miraculously healed me of cancer 17 years ago, I would not have learned what I needed to learn or changed what I needed to change to stay cancer-free. In time I would have gotten cancer all over again because I would not have changed the behavior that caused cancer in my body in the first place. And the next time I would have probably died waiting for God to zap me again. Praise God He was faithful to lead me into truth and provide me with a solution, and I was faithful enough to search and find it.

The majority of times I have faced a health trial, God has held me responsible to change things that were in error. He wanted me to grow in my understanding in order to receive my health back. It’s true I may not have gone through what you’re going through, but at different times I have battled: severe migraines, advanced cancer, three strokes, and crippling sciatica. Each of these battles have pushed me to pray and believe for healing (because I absolutely believe in healing) and then I learn… learn… learn.

God is faithful. He has always been faithful if I use the body—soul—spirit approach. I shore up these three parts of me—and my health always eventually returns and my battle is successfully won. (Just so it’s clear… I don’t deal with any of these health issues any longer—praise the Lord! And I was healed without surgery or drugs.)

When I learn the truth and walk in it, I am set free. But I have to partner with God and fulfill my responsibility. That’s generally how God works!

Yes, there are always healing testimonies to point to. I believe most of them are genuine, but they are still the minority. Why not join the majority? I always pray for God to heal me… and I believe that God will always bring healing if I do all I can and trust Him with whatever I cannot do.

I’m hoping to help you change some possible false beliefs. Hopefully you have already renewed your mind with the Word of God but in case you need a refresher, or in case this is the first time you’ve heard this type of teaching, please open your heart and mind to this new direction. It could make the difference between your life or death.

(To be continued in Part 4)