Why Am I Sick? (Part 1)

Why Am I Sick? (Part 1) – July 30, 2014

Is this a question you’re asking yourself… or maybe asking God? I realize how frustrating it can be to find yourself sick, depressed, overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. It can wear you out!

If you don’t understand the basics of how your body works, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been hijacked when disease is discovered. When your body turns against you, threatening your well-being—maybe even your life—you’re left feeling out of control.

Understanding your body and your health is a lot like understanding what makes your car go. If no one ever teaches you about your car’s need for fuel in the gas tank, oil in the oil reservoir, water in the radiator, and a battery that has a charge… it’s likely your car will break down and you will be unable to make it run.

Back to your body. Our bodies are wondrously made—but it is still possible to understand them. Yes, it takes time and focus… and some truthful education, but you can bring your body back to health—much like an auto mechanic can bring a broken down car back to life.

Many people don’t realize that they not only have the ability to manage their own health but it’s their responsibility. You actually control your health… at least you should. Not your doctor, not the pharmacist… you!

Ignorance is not a valid excuse. God is more than willing to help you learn what you need to learn. I am willing to help you too. If you really want to get well, start by accepting all responsibility for your health. If you won’t do that then there’s not much chance of you getting well… and there’s NO chance of you staying well!

We live in a society where we have been trained to shift accountability to someone else… even to God—especially in the area of health.  Just because you’ve been taught some things doesn’t mean you’ve been taught all the things that you need to know in order to overcome your current difficulty. God wants you to seek and understand Him and His ways. As you allow Him to lead you into truth, you will find the answers you need, in order to experience the benefits He has provided for you… healing being one of those benefits.

(Part 2 next week)