Why Am I Sick? (Part 2)

Why Am I Sick? (Part 2) – August 13, 2014

Let’s continue our talk about where God fits into your health issue. This is a long one—but very important in understanding how to get well.

First, let me lay some ground work: God is good. He wants you well. He heals. He answers prayer. He leads you into truth. His word is truth.

Do you agree with these statements? I believe all these things. But often there is still a lack of understanding about God and His word that leaves you vulnerable to not receiving healing. I see it over and over. Good people praying… good people standing in faith… good people letting the doctor tell them what they should and shouldn’t do… good people dying. I’m sure you’ve seen the same thing and that has you concerned… maybe even panicked. But, do not fear… there are answers. 

I’d like to focus on some scriptures for a moment that play into the scenario of healing. They are foundational so that we have something to build upon. Remember we deal with the body, soul and spirit. It is required that we address each of these areas to truly walk in health. This blog is primarily dealing with the spirit and the body. 

First, a scripture that is seldom discussed, is found in Psalms 119:160. This is a pivotal principle to understanding God and His Word accurately. It states, “The sum of Your Word is truth [the total of the full meaning of all Your individual precepts]...” (AMP)

In John 17:17 it says, “Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth.”  AMP

Okay, if we know that God’s Word is the truth, and that we need to take all (or the sum total) of His Word into account—not just the verses that we like and that tell us what we want to hear—but all of them in order to have the truth, now we have a strong scriptural starting place.

Let’s use an analogy of two guys sitting in a boat on a lake—John and Jack. It’s a lovely day and they are happily fishing while enjoying the sunshine. John just came from playing a game of golf and Jack just came from playing baseball. How could life get much better? Unfortunately, both men have on shoes with cleats on the bottom which keep punching little holes in the bottom of the boat every time one of them stands up. They don’t realize the damage they are doing but water begins to seep through the little holes into the bottom of the boat. At first it’s just a nuisance but eventually John begins to wonder where the water is coming from. He quits looking at the sunshine and starts investigating the boat.

But then he hooks a fish and is back to laughing and focused on how to land this nice catch. He stands up and moves around the boat to get into a better position making more holes in the bottom of the boat. Jack moves over to balance out the weight and with each step makes more holes in the boat. By the time the fish is landed both men are wondering why and how the water is getting so deep. They now realize something is wrong but don’t know what’s allowing all the water into the boat.

Not to belabor this story…. In summary, these men were enjoying their lives, not realizing they were the ones causing their boat to fill with water. Now that the problem can’t be ignored, they desperately started bailing water. But the water is getting higher and the boat is beginning to sink… they begin to pray, asking God to stop the water from sinking the boat.

By not understanding what was causing the problem and not fixing the root issue, with every step they took, they made their situation worse until the boat eventually sank.

That rough and inadequate analogy describes what we often do when we become sick. We ignore it as long as possible—busy with life, then when it cannot be ignored any longer we run to the doctor and find out what’s wrong. If we’re diagnosed with a disease like cancer, then we run to church to have people pray. In panicked desperation, we may even drop to our knees and ask God to heal us. While all the while we continue eating the same way, living the same way, doing the same things, hoping the doctor will fix us or that God will heal us. Does that sound familiar?

What we have failed to realize is that we are the one making our self sick—by what we eat, drink, how we deal with stress and our lifestyle. If we don’t change what’s causing the problem in the first place, why would we expect God to rescue us? If you are violating His design and His guidelines for living… if He zaps you well… in time you’ll just get sick all over again. Because you never discovered what is really making you well. And all the doctors do is treat symptoms of disease—they don’t deal with the root cause.

God is urging you to change the way you live so that you come into harmony with the body as He designed it to function. If you do that you will get well. You made yourself sick over time, one day after another. Now you can make yourself well over time, day by day. It is a process.