Shouting from the rooftops!

Hello dear friends,

Now that my new book Life, Cancer and God is out, precious people are reading it and sending me emails. They are sharing about their lives, which are being decimated by disease—cancer of all types, auto-immune disease, diabetes, heart disease… and the list goes on. What a tragedy when the ONE life we are given begins eroding away due to sickness and disease. Disease causes every part of life to be effected; relationships, making a living, raising our children, even our trust in God can be challenged. I know… I went through it all. But there’s great HOPE.

I’m shouting from the rooftops… God wants you well! Let me say it again… God wants you well! He created you to have life and have it abundantly. It doesn’t matter what the doctors are saying. Your symptoms, though scary, aren’t the final word. What God says is what’s important. In John 10:10b Jesus is quoted as saying, "I am come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." It is true that first and foremost, God wants us to know HIM and find spiritual life through Jesus. But He also made it clear that He paid for us to have the benefit of healing. He knew we needed it and He provided it. How can you live an abundant life while disease is robbing you of that very precious gift?

Often I hear people say “Maybe God has a higher plan than healing, and besides He heals us when we die and go to heaven.” I bet you’ve heard similar statements. Maybe you’ve even had those same thoughts. When it seems God isn’t answering our prayers or the prayers of others for healing, we tend to make excuses for Him and imagine a better reason ‘why’ we aren’t being healed. But God doesn’t violate one part of His plan or promise in order to fulfill another part. He doesn’t need to… He’s God. He’s perfect. He provided a perfect plan. And His plan includes saving us; spirit—soul—and body.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Do you remember that scripture? You can be God’s child and still perish physically if you don’t understand some truth that you need to know in order to walk in health. That’s what Life, Cancer and God is about… sharing the truths that my husband and I learned when I had cancer. Truth about healing, truth about God.

Today my message is all about one thing... HOPE. I encourage you to re-establish hope in your heart that God wants you well. He does, and over the coming days and weeks I will share more about why I am so confident of that fact. It’s not my word that matters, its God’s word that matters… and He is very clear on the subject. He loves you and He wants you well. He created your body to heal itself, you just have to get in agreement with His miraculous design and work with Him.

As I say in the book… “We give disease to ourselves one day at a time. But you can learn to heal yourself—one day at a time—by doing things God’s way.