Why Am I Sick? (Part 4)

Why Am I Sick? (Part 4) – October 24, 2014

We’ve been talking about a new way of thinking and looking at why you may be sick. If God’s Word is true—and it is—then you can expect to walk through this valley of sickness and back into health if you learn and follow His truths.

Let’s talk principles. Does God raise your children for you? No, yet He created the miracle of conception and birth. And when your children are grown don’t you want them to take responsibility to clean up after themselves, feed themselves, pay their own bills and manage their relationships?

God doesn’t change. God’s principles don’t change. Truth doesn’t change. The only reason you want God to bail you out of your situation is because you don’t know what to do. I get that. Not knowing what to do is scary and leaves us feeling vulnerable. But God wants you to know His truth so that you can grow up and take more responsibility. This blog and my book “Life, Cancer and God” are great stepping stones toward walking out of paralyzing fear into faith and health.

Maybe no one has ever explained how your body works. Maybe no one has ever told you that you can fix your health. But you CAN FIX your health and you CAN LEARN how your body works. Isn’t a long healthy life worth some effort?

God created you and gave you a body designed to stay healthy. Now it’s up to you to manage that body so it keeps working. If you haven’t been managing your health or don’t know how, and are now sick, then you need to realize that you can make yourself healthy again. Isn’t that great news! I think so. Now keep going on your new journey of discovery.